QWhat products do you sell to countries other than Japan?

We sell mainly batteries, engine oil, belts and similar products, but we also can supply numerous other items. Please contact us with information on what items you are interested in.

QAre the product packages labeled in English?

Currently the product packages are labeled in Japanese, but when ordering in production lots, packages can be labeled in English or other languages depending on the destination. In such cases we may ask for your assistance in producing the required translations.

QIs it possible to receive samples?

It is not possible to send samples of hazardous products such as batteries, oil, or aerosols. Samples of non-hazardous products can be provided, but the sample cost and airfreight charges will have to be borne by the recipient.

QShipping methods

Shipping methods will differ, depending on order quantities, products, specifications, trade agreements with country of manufacture and country of customer. Please contact our Sales Department for details.

QWhat are the sales conditions?

Please contact our Sales Department.

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