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PFP is a high-quality brand of parts that deliver excellent value for money and are purpose-designed for the needs of car maintenance shops and motorcycle shops all over Japan.
We offer engine oil made in Japan along with a full range of other maintenance products characterized by high quality and outstanding cost-performance ratio.

PFP Engine Oil Made in Japan

High-quality engine oil on a par with manufacturer-specified products protects the engine and brings out its full power.
This oil is directly sourced from refineries in Japan for optimum quality. A wide lineup covers every need, ranging from small delivery motorcycles to large motorcycles. Excellent track record, with over 5,000 shops in Japan currently using this oil.
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PFP Oil Filter

Superior filtering performance helps to protect the oil and engine. From scooters to large motorcycles, the lineup caters to every need.
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PFP Key Cylinder

High quality ensures excellent operation feel on a par with manufacturer-specified parts. Set comprises two keys, one for ignition and one for seat lock/gas tank.
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PFP Brake Pad

Environment-friendly material realizes stable braking. From scooters to medium size and large motorcycles, the lineup caters to every need.
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PFP Brake Shoe

High durability is suitable also for demanding business use, as demonstrated by an extensive track record with professional vehicles.
for Motorcycle

PFP Disc Rotor

High-quality disc rotor combines durability with low weight. Manufactured by a specialized disc rotor company with customers all over the world.
for Motorcycle

PFP Cable

Extremely strong material results in outstanding long term reliability. Manufactured by an OEM cable supplier on the same quality level as manufacturer-specified parts.
for Motorcycle

PFP Drive Belt

Highly durable belts for smooth running. Manufactured by an OEM supplier of manufacturer-specified car parts.
for Motorcycle

PFP Pulley, Clutch, Weight Roller

The product realizes durability and high performance on a par with manufacturer-specified parts. Complete kit includes pulley, run plate, weight roller set, slide piece, and boss.
for Motorcycle

PFP Muffler (With Gasket)

High-quality product made by a company that also handles OEM production for bike manufacturers. Ensures smooth acceleration and exhaust performance that exceeds the level of manufacturer-specified parts.
for Motorcycle

PFP Air Filter

High-performance filter combining efficient filtration with good suction performance. The broad lineup comprises replacement filters for general applications and many models ranging from scooters to large bikes, covering every need.
for Motorcycle

PFP Cylinder, Piston, Starter Motor

High-quality engine parts designed to realize excellent running characteristics. Perfectly suited for use as high-level replacement parts. Achieve reliable engine start every time.
for Motorcycle

PFP Light Parts

Extensive range of external parts for repair and customizing includes headlights, turn indicators and tail lights.
for Motorcycle

PFP Seat Covers

Broad lineup centered on delivery bikes and scooters. The use of quality PVC improves durability and water resistance, and combines comfort with long life.
for Motorcycle

PFP for Cars

PFP Car Engine Oil

High-grade oil blend optimized for cars. Rated as the highest "SN" grade oil according to the American Petroleum Institute's API standard.
for Automotive

PFP Car Maintenance Parts

The lineup includes oil filters, fan belts, and brake pads for cars. Similar to our motorcycle parts, the quality is on a par with manufacturer-specified parts.
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